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The name is JJ. Happily married to a Sailor. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Owner of a messy faith.

Hubs and I are expecting the newest member of our little family in September <3

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I JUST went in to the OB yesterday and last night I started not feeling so hot.
I got an at-home kit to test for a uti and whabam, very positive. 
So I wait until business hours and nicely call and let them know that I tested at home and what my symptoms are and that I’ve had these A THOUSAND TIMES and they still won’t call in a rx for me until I leave a urine sample.

In their office.


So screw that. I will wait until my appointment with my PCP and pee in HIS stupid office.

Also, their recommendation that I “drink lots and lots of fluid” to “help with the pain” was just asinine. HAVE YOU EVER HAD A UTI. I DO NOT WANT TO PEE MORE THAN MY PREGNANT SELF IS REQUIRED TO. THAT DOES NOT HELP ME.

Also I know that pyridium is a class b drug so why the hell they won’t let me take it for TWO DAYS is beyond me.

Pest Control came by today and the spray triggered a huge migraine. I guess, on the plus side, I won’t have to deal with any more roaches crawling out of the cracks in the ceiling.

I’m learning scissoring and my boss went all Cinderella’s step mom on me last week about it, so I’m really hoping she’s in a better mood. It’s hard enough trying to learn without a cranky voice yelling “No!” and roughly re-positioning your arm because your elbow wasn’t high enough. Again. And again.

It’s just disheartening. 

There’s a 90% chance of rain today and it’s hot which I’m really not looking forward to. But Hubs let me borrow his phone so at least if the car breaks down I won’t have to spend the night on the side of the freeway.

It’s the little things, right?

But they make me absolutely dread going back to work. Knowing that I have to start on Tuesdays now makes me want to cry. Once I get there and finish up my shift I feel okay, but I hate the buildup. It makes me sick.






This has been ‘ya herd’ with jenni herd


Woah you go girl

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Benedict Cumberbatch reveals his secrets.

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Sleeping Goddess at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, England. - Imgur

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100,000 notes and I wonder how many people realise this line was improvised by a 7 year old

I think most of us guessed it when we saw the “people from liverpool” bit.

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Even though it’s cold I opened the windows and doors. I figure being cold will motivate me to keep moving and get some organizing and cleaning done today.
Also there are two cloth diapers waiting at the front office for me! And we got our security deposit back from the power company so our power bill was covered this month, which means I get to do some online shopping for maternity clothes!

I needed today. Yesterday was dark and rainy and I cried a lot, so I’m thankful for the sunlight and the blue sky and the little blossoms on the bushes.